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Pink: A Surreal Extroverts Nightmare. About Plants.

Pink: A Surreal Extroverts Nightmare. About Plants.

The History And Development Of Pink

Pink was developed by AugoGames on the 1st of December 2020. It was initially made as a practice for Augo to practice their coding skills, and to scare their friends. Mission accomplished on both fronts I would say.

Gameplay And Story

The story follows our unnamed protagonist as she goes about her daily life. Watering her plants, cleaning her apartment, and having an aversion to going outside. Seems suspiciously normal right now with only the foreshadowing of a suspiciously placed leaf to end day one.

Day two picks up with a plant having over randomly, which if you ask me is a giant red flag. Either someone broke into her apartment while she was sleeping, or the plant is alive. Either one works for horror games. Other than that, nothing suspicious happens and day two ends with our protagonist sweeping up the broken plant pot, and replanting the original plant into a new one.

Day three starts out normal, our protagonist feels like reading a magazine, so she gets one, along the way, another plant has moved. Of course, it has. Our protagonist brushes it off, saying she must have bumped it. Yeah, “bumped it”. The protagonist mentions that she doesn’t feel hungry anymore…red flag. And that water is all she needs…an even bigger red flag.

At the end of the day, a flower bud begins to grow on one of the plants, exciting our ambiguously human protag and inspiring them to keep an eye on it.

Day four is where things really go off the rails, it starts with the aforementioned flower bud blooming, with the protagonist wishing to take a picture of it. Until to realise. Gasp! She can’t find her phone! As any millennial will tell you, this is the type of situation where panic is completely warranted. So as she runs around looking for her phone, she comes to the realisation that she threw it out the window. I can feel the sadness of all Instagram models radiating as I type this.

After all that, there appears to be a leaf growing out of her ear..yeah at this point I would’ve just accepted my fate and walked outside. Regardless, she tries to rationalize the situation, saying it must have come off of one of her plants and that she was just seeing things when it appeared to be coming out of her ear. Sure.

Day five is when everything collapses. Before sight is granted, the player hears a meaty sound. Ew. And then the player is treated to…meat growing on plants. Horray for meat plants I guess. Walking and interacting with non-plants will now yield the protagonist to say they are unimportant, and to refer to the plants as “We”.

After watering all the plants, our protagonist says it is time for her to bloom as well…and bloom she apparently does as we hear the same meaty sound effect as the screen fades to black. Wow. That was weird.

Art-style and music

The art style is a cute pixel style, with the whole game being pink. Shocker. Except for the plant leaves, which are always green. Not much to say about it, it’s nice to look at and works with the game’s themes. The music is also something I feel I need to mention, it’s surprisingly heavy and booming through the entire game. Even in the beginning, which foreshadows the dark route the game goes down.


In conclusion, this game is really, really weird. But it’s definitely a good time. It understands what it is. And accomplishes that goal perfectly.

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