An objective and true look at Desolate Village

An objective and true look at Desolate Village

Prologue: The Beginning Of Furries

Our story begins in the year 20xx when local furry cosplayer Chloe Mullar decided to create a small town for her to divulge in. Inspired by her love of Animal Crossing, she named the town after her own virtual one. Desolate village. Town. It was a work in progress.

Chloe knew that if she wanted to build the village of her dreams, she would need villagers. So she invited her boyfriend of one week, James, to join the town. James wasn’t really a huge fan of the idea, but Chloe offered him free pizza if he joined. So he was swayed.

But, there was a problem, Chloe didn’t exactly have a town, or money to build one. So, she and James went out to find a place to build their town. They tried for a few days, however, it wasn’t until they were about to give up that Chloe had a stroke of genius.

Chloe’s father was a very influential person, and, if given enough sway; he could buy some land for them. So, Chloe instructed James to go and ask her father for some land. She would have done it herself, but, she was still grounded from wearing her furry costume in public. Apparently, It looked bad for him if his daughter were to be a furry or something.

Regardless, James did as he was told, and, after convincing Chloe’s father that it was his idea and in no way shape or form involved Chloe. He bought James a recently abandoned village, it wasn’t taken over by the council, as it was believed to be the sight of ghost hauntings, plus, it would be too much effort to bulldoze it down.

Finally, Chloe had her dream town where she wouldn’t be judged for dressing up like a cat. And that concludes the prologue of this demented tale.

Act 1: Starting A Furry Cult

Our story picks up again a few days later, while Chloe enjoyed prancing around in her fur suit, she was getting a little bored. See, the issue was that with just her and James, there wasn’t really much to do. So, Chloe knew what she had to do.

In order to start recruiting for her town, Chloe needed a reliable way to find like-minded people, she couldn’t just walk up to people and start asking them if they wanted to join however, as, that would probably just lead to rejection. After brainstorming for a few days, Chloe remembered someone.

James’s friend Stella was a furry who had gathered a small following for publically walking around in different mouse costumes, however, more importantly to Chloe, she was completely infatuated with her. So, through some gentle teasing, Stella happily agreed to join the village.

Now that she had a lackey who would do anything for her, Chloe could focus on renovating her town. Unfortunately, Chloe found renovating to be incredibly boring, especially since James wouldn’t help her. So she went back to find more people.

Despite searching for a while, Chloe couldn’t find any more people to join. Asking people directly to join her village didn’t work out very well, as most of them either didn’t believe her or called her crazy. How rude. After watching his girlfriend continuously fail to find new people and become more and more desperate, James finally decided enough was enough and went to go find people himself.

Unlike Chloe, James actually had an idea of who would be interested in joining the village, so he went to a furry party to find some participants. Fortunately, finding a few people who weren’t blackout drunk, he’d managed to get Chloe three new people to join the village.

Adam was an accountant who worked for his uncle, having nothing better to do with his time, he agreed to join the village in the hope of finally finding meaning in his mundane existence, and to spite his uncle who refused to pay him.

Amelia was a doll maker who couldn’t find any traction for her dolls, something about human dolls being much more popular than animal dolls, so, with James promising to help her doll-making business, she agreed to join the village.

Elliot, Amelia’s younger brother, wasn’t a furry like everyone else, he only really joined because his sister was going, something that James knew would annoy Chloe. So he bribed Elliot with the prospect of sharing his pizza to lie and say he was one, just to keep her happy.

Chloe, delighted by all the people James had brought her, gave him some extra pizza and began initiating all the newcomers into her town.

Act 2: The Downward Spiral. Featuring Furries.

It had been a few months until a problem arose, you see. Elliot wasn’t exactly comfortable with everyone prancing around in fur suits all-day, and his friends were all expressing concern about how controlling Chloe sounded, so, he told his sister he wanted to leave.

Amelia was understanding, however, once she spoke about it to Chloe, that’s when the conflict started. It should be noted, that Chloe is a control freak who isn’t afraid to use violence to get her way. Chloe didn’t take too kindly to Elliot wanting to leave, so she tracked him down and began arguing with him about it.

During the argument, Chloe ended up hitting Elliot across the face, demanding that he stay. This was the moment, Amelia snapped. She grabbed Elliot as the two of them made a getaway through the hospital’s secret exit.

Adam, having witnessed the whole thing, wondered if he really should still be here, but then decided that it should be fine as long as he doesn’t piss Chloe off. Though, he was certainly a little nervous.

Chloe infuriated that hitting Elliot had made both him and his older sister leave, devised a plan to get back at them. At first, she tried to get James to stalk them to find out where they lived, but to her surprise, he wasn’t exactly eager to risk going to prison for her. So, she just sucked it up and did it herself.

Luckily for her, she found their location through a secret GPS tracker placed on both of them. After jumping both of them from outside of a bush, she managed to grab Elliot and stuff him into some random guy’s van, paying the van driver 10$ in order to drive away.

Now that Chloe had successfully kidnapped Elliot. She needed some way to keep him there. And after hearing James mention something about realistic dolls, she had an idea. Once Elliot had woken back up. Chloe attempted to convince him that the doll replica of his sister was actually her.

Unfortunately for Chloe, Elliot really didn’t believe her but decided to play along, believing that faking insanity might make her want to leave him. However, all this did was make Chloe happy, and she left Elliot to sort himself out.

Elliot, now realising he was probably going to be stuck here, decided to make the most of it, and find himself a cottage, as the barbed wire surrounding the entire forest was more than a little intimidating.

Act 3: The Beginning Of Alex And Furries

Amelia, realising just how influential Chloe’s father was, decided that going to the police wouldn’t help matters, so instead, she contacted Elliot’s most gullible friend for help. In all honesty, Alex didn’t believe anything she said, but he was bored enough that he went along with it anyway.

As the two of them made their way to the village, Chloe ambushed them again, this time, going for Amelia. However, in the midst of the chaos, she accidentally knocked out Alex instead. As both women just sort of looked at each other awkwardly, before Chloe picked up Alex and ran off before Amelia could follow her.

Re-awakening, Alex realised that he was in an unfamiliar room, fortunately for Chloe, Alex had a concussion, so he didn’t remember anything before being told to look for Elliot by his sister. After leaving the strange cottage, Alex runs into Chloe. Who has disguised herself as her fursona, Kitty.

Doing her best to gaslight Alex into thinking he willingly came to live in the village, Chloe made sure he was drugged up and led him around the village.

Adam, going by Rabbit for Chloe, was admittedly still a little worried about the whole thing, went along with gaslighting and, in order to get Chloe out of his shop, sent Alex to be his errand boy and go collect him some berries as he thought about what to do.

Alex was a little freaked out by the situation and had a sneaking suspicion that Kitty was hiding something, but he shrugged it off as just a wrong gut feeling. After Kitty insisted on returning to Rabbit, they go back in, only to find Rabbit reading a train magazine.

“What’s that?” Alex asked.

“…A Thomas magazine.” Rabbit replied.

Needing another excuse to be alone, Adam baked a pie and sends Alex off to go deliver it to Elliot, assuring himself that Elliot can keep them busy.

Unfortunately for Adam, Elliot had mastered the art of making people leave him alone, so he pretended to be high in order to weird out Alex and Chloe and get them to leave. Though Chloe wasn’t fazed, Alex found the prospect of someone being high to be atrocious for their health but to save face, he blamed it on Elliot constantly falling asleep instead.

After realising that Alex was back again, he decided to then throw Stella under the bus and pretend she had an injury in order to drive the two away from his shop.

Stella, obviously, wasn’t actually injured, however, wanting to impress Chloe, she pretended to have broken her hand after hearing Alex mention an injury she supposedly sustained. All this did was make Chloe not want to kill her, however.

After spending a few minutes talking to Stella, Alex and Chloe returned to Adam once again. A little frustrated by the whole matter, Adam threw some pills towards Alex and told him to take them or whatever.

Alex, being a little annoyed at how many times he’s had to listen to Adam, decided to rebel against the system and threw the pills away.

Act 4: The truth! Furry edition.

Amelia was starting to get a bit frustrated, she had been closely following Chloe’s movements, trying to find any opportunity to sneak back into the village and save everyone. However, with Alex missing, and the rest of Elliot’s friends either not believing her, or wanting to go to the police. Amelia knew what she had to do, she had to think like Chloe. And that meant, playing dirty.

Meanwhile, Alex, having not taken Adam’s advice about the pills, now was just realising how clear his head felt, and also how weird the situation was. Believing he may have stumbled upon a new species of animal, Alex had decided to play it cool, and see if he can contact the government to get money for handing over the humanoid animals.

With a new goal in mind, Alex went outside to find his catch. Unfortunately for Alex, when Kitty approached him, he realised she wasn’t actually a humanoid cat, but his worst nightmare. A furry. Chloe, realising the jig was up, hit Alex over the head with a baseball bat she had managed to steal from Adam and dragged him away. Concocting a plan to convert him into a furry.

Amelia, finding her way back to the village, disguised herself in order to dope Chloe into thinking she was a wanderer who had gotten lost in the forest. This worked surprisingly well, as Chloe had paid much more attention to Amelia’s hair colour than her actual face. Which was why Amelia had put on a green wig.

Alex, waking up this time tied to a chair, was feeling a bit dejected. After realising that he wasn’t getting any money for giving the government a newly mutated species, he decided his best option was to report them for kidnapping him because at least he would get some clout out of it.

After freeing himself from the poorly tied ropes, Alex made his way out of the house that had the door broken in, and made his way to the crudely labelled “Rabbit’s shop.”.

Amelia, ready and waiting, knocked Adam out and took his place, exposition dumping everything she knew onto Alex, along with a few over-exaggerations that she thought would make Alex a little more worried. All it really did however was confuse Alex.

Amelia needed some way of finding Elliot, and, she had also noticed Stella hanging around the front of the hospital, if memory served her well, there was an exit directly to the main road from there. It was what Chloe had used to bring her and Elliot to this accursed place.

Having a new plan, Amelia told Alex that he’d need to get Elliot’s help in order to escape. Siting that she couldn’t leave as she was told to stay in the shop. It wasn’t a complete lie, if Adam were to wake up and see what she’d done, he’d most certainly go and tell Chloe, so she had to keep a low profile for now. And also make sure to bludgeon Adam down again if he were to get back up.

Alex, realising that this was in fact Amelia and not Adam, owing to a lack of condescension decided to follow her directions and go find Elliot, he was thinking about telling her but found himself just too lazy to do it.

Elliot, having become more bored as the days went on, often found himself talking to the fake doll of his sister, despite how weird he knew it was. However, this simple act of trying to keep his sanity intact was enough for Stella to rip one of the doll’s hands off, and run off with it, leaving Elliot pretty confused.

Alex, arriving having arrived two minutes later, realised that Mr Bear was actually Elliot and immediately began lecturing on the dangers of being high to his health. Elliot made it clear that he only pretended to be high in order to make Chloe leave, a fact that made Alex feel a whole lot better.

After Alex explains the plan, Elliot, feeling weirded out at staring at the missing hand of a doll that looks like his sister, asked Alex to go find the hand Stella had stolen. Outright admitting he felt weird staring at the decapitated hand.

Alex, not understanding what the big deal was, went to find the hand anyway, since there wasn’t much else he could do if Elliot was refusing to leave until the doll hand was returned.

Realising he had no idea where the doll’s hand could be, Alex went back to Amelia to ask for advice. Amelia, not really having an answer, told him to smash the window in one of the locked houses and search in there. In order to accomplish this, Amelia gave Alex a random key she’d found with a cat on it and told him to use that.

Finding a locked house that he didn’t recognise, Alex threw the key at the glass and managed to shatter most of it. Apparently, it was a lot less tough than it looked.

Using a nearby rock to break down the rest of the glass, Alex managed to squeeze through the window, with him only getting a paper cut out of it, somehow. Finding a box full of doll hands, Alex grabbed a random hand, hoping that this would finally get Elliot to help him, and began his trek back to his friend.

After finding out the hand he brought was the right one, Elliot agreed to go lead Stella away from the hospital, and try and knock her out. Making sure Elliot really wasn’t smoking drugs in his cottage behind Alex’s back, he headed off to the hospital in order to finally escape this nightmare.

Act 5: The End?

Heading into the hospital and exploring for the exit, Alex stumbled across James, who at this point, was steadily realising how bad of an idea it was to begin dating Chloe in the first place. Finding out Alex was still relatively sane, James broke down begging Alex to help him leave this accursed place.

Alex, still attempting to process all this, just kinda pat James on the head and walked off to go find the exit. Heading back to Amelia for the last time, Alex mentioned not knowing what to do, so Amelia told him to use the cat key in order to open the last cottage, assuming the cat key would belong to Chloe.

Alex, ready to finally leave after not being able to get compensation for finding a new species, he unlocked the only cottage he didn’t remember going in and went inside. Finding nothing of interest except for another key and a knife, heading back to the hospital, Alex found James standing at the front desk, looking rather annoyed.

However, after telling James he was planning on leaving, James quickly alerted him to where the exit was, telling Alex to hurry the hell up unless he wanted to alert Chloe to their plan, unfortunately, Elliot hadn’t been able to knock out Stella in time, before she saw Adam run off while being chased by Amelia, and decided to follow them.

While making it towards the exit, Stella jumped in front of the two men and began blocking the exit, with Elliot, Adam and Amelia all gathered around to attempt to mitigate the situation. Until Chloe arrived.

Chloe was ecstatic to find everyone gathered around, as now she could punish them all and still live out her dream fantasy. She first started a long villain speech about how life wasn’t fair and that Alex only really had two choices. To stay and become a furry with the rest of them, or don’t join and be the first person Chloe gets to eat.

Stella, finding the prospect of Chloe eating her very enjoyable, simply waited for Alex to make his decision. Adam, having just woken up with a concussion, was very confused about what was even going on, so he just stood and watched with a blank expression. Elliot, having finally reunited with his sister after so long, wasn’t willing to give up the chance of escaping, so he stole the knife Alex had hidden in his pocket for his own personal use.

Amelia was a bit concerned by the prospect of being eaten alive by Chloe of all people, noticing Elliot had stolen a knife from Alex, she subtly told him to be prepared to attack if the need arose. James, now realising that maybe he shouldn’t have been dating Chloe in the first place, gripped Alex’s arm like a lifeline, trying to urge him into leaving.

Alex, having been gaslighted all for nothing, told Chloe he would never join the town and threatened to turn her into the government under the guise of her secretly being half-cat. Chloe, almost too ecstatic to contain herself, was ready to bite into Alex, until. Elliot came up from behind her and stabbed her to death.

As everyone looked on in horror at the atrocity committed, Elliot and Amelia simply walked away and left. Never to be seen near the village again.

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