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Why the Covid-19 Vaccine is Important to get!

Why the Covid-19 Vaccine is Important to get!
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Covid-19 is a massive deal, something that has caused the whole world to freeze and something that caused the UK, US, China and other countries around the world to go into lockdown. The virus has been extremely deadly towards those with underline health issues and the NHS, WHO and many scientist started on a cure straight away, there has seen been 4 vaccines for it, a new pill that helps those cope better with it and there is still research being done about it. Why should everyone get the vaccine in this modern age?

Study suggests that those who are not vaccinated for Covid-19 may experience worse symptoms than those who are vaccinated. Those who are may have a cold like Covid-10 experience as others may be bedbound for 7 days and seeming to have the worst symptoms out of everyone! This could result in someone unvaccinated having symptoms like;

  • Shortness of breath
  • tiredness
  • continuous cough
  • constant headache
  • sore throat
  • stiff muscles

To name a few.

With the rise in cases, a lot of companies around the world will want there employees to be vaccinated to stop the spread of Covid-19, some may even go as far as to fire someone that hasn’t been vaccinated as Covid-19 can be a serious thing. One person in USA has found themselves possibly fired from her job of 9 years because she hasn’t been vaccinated yet. Some people go as far as to lose there job in the US rather than being vaccinated. These days jobs will want everyone to be vaccinated to stop the spread.

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