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WHO is Questioning China’s Strategy!

WHO is Questioning China’s Strategy!
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Currently, half of the world has realized that Covid-19 is not going away, no matter how many lockdowns, or how many treatments, this is the brand new virus that is sweeping the nation. Other than one place… China!

China has currently seen a massive spike in Covid-19 cases within the last 30 days, making them have more than 1,000 cases a day and some more than that. China is currently in lockdown due to the virus spread and they are hoping to get rid of the virus however WHO, the world health organization, is questioning this!

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China is in a strict lockdown and has placed some of the toughest policies in the world to try and combat this virus! With thousands of cases reported daily these days, there seems to be no way out for China!

These are the current policies in place! Provided by the BBC,

  • Travel to and from China is strictly limited, and there are restrictions on internal movement
  • Travelers from abroad with permission to enter China are screened and sent to government-designated hotels for a mandatory quarantine of at least two weeks, followed by a further period of monitoring
  • Regular community testing programs are carried out and if infections are detected, residents can be evicted and sent to quarantine facilities.
  • All non-essential businesses have been shut, apart from food shops and some other essential suppliers
  • Schools are closed and public transport is suspended, with almost all vehicle movement banned.

“The virus is evolving, changing its behaviour,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu of the WHO. “With that… changing your measures will be very important.”

This could mean the reason why China has seen the virus evolve into something much worse, therefore they are trying to eradicate the virus before it spreads across the world!

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