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Covid-19 Update and News!

Covid-19 Update and News!
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Covid-19 has been around longer than most people could have hoped for and for longer than a lot of average people would have thought. Coming from China and now around the entire world with cases rising each day again in some places.

China is still in lockdown due to the spike that took place in many places around China, for example, Shanghai is still reported to be in lockdown due to the virus outbreak that happened. With more places in China to be put into lockdown to prevent the virus from spreading even more than it already has.

A lot of places around the world would be trying to avoid going back into lockdown with this virus, as there are no signs of this virus disappearing any time soon.

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The UK for example, they have continued to have plan A. Which is living with Covid-19, however a lot of places may dismiss this if there are more and more cases each day and hospitals around the world become more and more overwhelmed.

The vaccine is seemingly showing the world that there is hope at the end of the tunnel after having a massive spike of Covid-19 and a chance that it could have turned badly for everyone if nothing changed.

It’s believed that over 52 million people have received the vaccine in the UK.

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