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Covid-19 Update!

Covid-19 Update!
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The UK has seen a massive spike in cases since a few days ago! This new variant has taken over and made the UK more vulnerable than ever for everyone to get the virus and causing issues this Christmas! Rules are still the same and are still enforced due to the virus causing this many cases but this is the highest amount of cases recorded in the UK since the beginning of the second wave!

There were 78,610 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the UK. The most it has ever been at since the beginning of the second wave. More than likely, this wave will be more deadly than the first and second waves, as this variant is very unknown and no one knows what it is like as of yet! Whether it’s safer than normal Covid-19 is still be determined! The virus is taking over the UK and a lot of people fear another lockdown could be on the way as cases and deaths rise in the UK and as of right now, lockdowns are the only thing that has stopped the virus from spreading like wildfire!


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If we take a look at other places that had the virus before us, China, for example, they managed Covid-19 very well and managed to get rid of the virus before a second wave started and this is due to them canceling all travel, and locking themselves into there homes to clean the streets and more. Since they did this, the most cases from China is over 100 cases, in the UK it’s 78,000 cases.

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