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Protests Continue in China!

Protests Continue in China!
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Protests have continued in China due to the Covid-19 measures. There has been another spike in China that has caused them to go into lockdown and strict measures, however there has been a number of protests due to this!

Protests are continuing in China, with more and more major cities getting more and more protests due to the restrictions of Covid-19.

Millions of people in China have been affected by this, nearly three and a half years of testing’s, lockdowns, restriction and more.

This is all due to the amount of lockdowns and restrictions that are being put in place in China after another spike of Covid-19 and everyone has had enough of it all, meaning there will be more protests until things have changed.

Recently, there has been that many protests, the police are unable to handle the situation at hand!

He said lockdowns made him feel “sad, angry and hopeless”, and had left him unable to see his unwell mother, who was undergoing cancer treatment.

The zero covid rule is the reason why this is all happening, and with all this happening, more and more cases have happened in major cities, making another wide spread across China!

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