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Where Will Get the Vaccine?

Where Will Get the Vaccine?
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The virus will be around for a lot longer than people think, the virus is at the second wave with over 10,000 cases a day and in more than 100 countries, however, the virus will eventually be able to be stopped but won’t be completely gone. This virus will most likely be the same as the Flu and will make sure people that are at risk of dying to this virus will be injected with the vaccine every year.


Coronavirus is the name of the virus, also known as Covid-19, this virus is extremely deadly to those with healthcare issues and those over a certain age, this is why a vaccine needed to be created for this. Now a virus has been made but who is it being sent to?

  • People who live in care homes and home care workers
    • This allows them to survive the virus if in contact with someone with the virus and won’t have to be admitted to the hospital and the care workers won’t have to worry about getting the virus in the future.
  • People over the age of 80 and over
    • At this age, more and more people are dying of the virus and will need to have this to ensure they will not have the virus in the future.
  • Health and social care workers in England
    • This means that they are safe and immune from the virus and won’t have to take time off work due to a virus and means that the NHS will have enough staff.

These are the only places currently that will be given the virus vaccine to help the infection rate go down.

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