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Covid-19 Test Free in Wales!

Covid-19 Test Free in Wales!
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Covid-19 was known as the hardest pandemic to get over, however nowadays, the virus has decreased in cases, a vaccine has been created and some drugs are in development. Tests for the most part have been taken away from people in England and now they have to buy them… Wales however has gone for a different approach! 

Wales is still making Covid-19 tests free after a massive amount of cases stopped and more than likely there is 1 in 50 people having Covid-19.

Free tests started when Covid-19 started to increase in cases in the UK, with many people being able to get more than 1 box a week and managed to get knowledge about the virus and how it managed to spread.

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Wales has extended the free Covid-19 tests for another month to ensure the virus is on its way out and nearly done. The UK recently has seen a massive increase in cases, due to this… Wales may have changed the rules slightly!

“Ministers here are quite clear that they prefer to remove protections and to make easements to the situation when we’re on the downward turn, So when we’re on a rise of community infection when rates are actually going up, people are coming to more serious harm, that’s the time to delay those changes. And that’s really why we have decided in Wales to continue with the testing for people who are symptomatic with coronavirus symptoms for a further month,” said Dr. Sir Frank Atherton!

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