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Covid-19: UK Cases Continue to Fall!

Covid-19: UK Cases Continue to Fall!
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Covid-19 in the UK, was on the rise for some time, with a lot of people thinking it’s back for a longer time, however, hospitals are starting to get fewer and fewer cases and the cases are slowly falling yet again! There has been a small decrease in cases recently and this could happen for a lot longer.

Cases all across the UK have been decreasing for some time now, allowing everyone to stop worrying about the virus and allowing people to stop worrying about the virus for a little longer.

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In the latest ONS report, for the week ending 26 July, the estimated Covid rates were:

  • One in 25 in England – down from one in 20 the week before
  • One in 30 in Wales – down from one in 19
  • One in 17 in Northern Ireland – down from one in 16 (although experts say the trend is uncertain)
  • One in 20 in Scotland – down from one in 19

This could be something to do with the number of people getting the vaccine, this could help with the virus and help understand why this is no longer getting higher and higher!

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