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UK Covid-19 Update!

UK Covid-19 Update!

Covid-19 has been sweeping the UK with the amount of cases the past few months. Over 200,000 one day and the PM has decided to do nothing other than tell people to get the vaccine and booster to try and counter the virus, so far, it’s working slightly!

After PM Boris Johnson made an announcement about Covid-19 and reaching a new peak cause of the new Omicron vairent, it was believed at the time the UK would go into lockdown to ensure the cases would go down, however due to the fact it was over Christmas, the PM decided to say everyone should get there boosters to counter the virus! And looking back to that, that was sort of a good idea.

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More and more people across the UK are contacting Covid-19 however recently the number of cases have started to go down, and the UK are still in not in lockdown. 129,589 cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday, however this has went down from the beginning but lockdown is still an option!

Due to the most recent allocations and Boris Johnson apologies for his party during lockdown 2020, nothing else has been said about Covid-19!

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