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More Covid-19 Rules Gone in Scotland!

More Covid-19 Rules Gone in Scotland!
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Scotland was one of the last places in the UK to stop all the restrictions from Covid-19, however, there was a massive spike in the UK and Scotland in general before all the rules were gone in England, however, nowadays, Scotland and England are now Covid-19 rules free!

People in Scotland have now been told they no longer need to self isolate if they have Covid-19. For some people, this is the wrong approach to learning to live with Covid-19.

The UK has seen a massive decrease in Cases recently. There are many reasons why this may be happening, however, the more than likely reason behind this is that people are not uploading if they have Covid-19 or not, due to not having to self-isolate, no one sees the point.

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NHS has still suggested that those who have Covid-19 still stay at home if possible, however, there is no legal obligation to stay indoors now if you end up having Covid-19.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf says Scotland is now in a “different phase of the pandemic” and is “focused on reducing severe harm of the virus”.

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