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Covid-19 Infections Reach 2.7 Million!

Covid-19 Infections Reach 2.7 Million!
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Covid-19 has continued to ruin the world once again with more and more infections in the UK happening and more and more cases continuing to go into hospital after the varients come back to the UK after the lockdown ended.

Covid-19 in the UK hasn’t hit a new peak for some time now and some people are saying that this is the end of Covid-19 for some people, however, there has been news about Covid-19 continuing in the UK and there have been more cases across the UK, more than usual.

An estimate of 2.7 million people in the UK is said to have Covid-19, which is 1 in 25 people. Around one in 30 had the virus in the week!

In the latest report the ONS estimates Covid rates were:

  • One in 25 in England – up from one in 30 the week before
  • One in 20 in Wales – up from one in 30
  • One in 19 in Northern Ireland – up from one in 25
  • One in 17 in Scotland – up from one in 18


“Scotland continues to have the highest infection rate, although it has recently increased at a slower rate compared to other UK countries. We will continue to monitor the data to see if this recent rise is starting to slow in Scotland.” said Sarah Crofts.

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