The UK to Offer Support for Ukraine during War!

The UK to Offer Support for Ukraine during War!
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Russia is still piling on the pressure on Ukraine as they continue to try and invade the entire country. With a lot of places around the world siding with Ukraine, Russia has demanded they stop or they will start a bigger and wider war.

World War 3 is currently on the edge of the seat, with the UK and US still providing help to Ukraine, even after the threats Russian President Vladimir Putin set. Meaning this war could end up getting bigger and worse for everyone around the world.

The US has stated that they will continue to provide help to Ukraine until the war is reportedly over, sending a lot of money recently to help the Ukraine military.

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People around the world are hoping that this war stops soon, however, there are reports that the UK has sent over and or offered to send over £300 million to help the Ukraine Military during the war that should not have happened!

Russia has continued the stikes with a 14-year-old boy dying due to an attack that took place in Odesa by the Russian Military.

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