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Monkeypox: Is this the New Virus to Worry About?

Monkeypox: Is this the New Virus to Worry About?
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Another virus has entered the world and there have been around 80 confirmed cases so far in 11 countries. Including the UK.

Recently, there has been a small but noticeable outbreak of Monkeypox in the UK and many other areas of the world. There have been 20 cases found in the UK and some people are getting worried about this and some are even getting to the point of saying another pandemic!

This could be considered another pandemic if this gets way too out of hand, the same as Covid-19 did.

The virus is naturally from wild animals, which are thought to come from rodents rather than monkeys. Somebody in the rainforest managed to get in contact with Monkeypox. This means that the person got rashes, blisters, and scabs all over their body.

We’re in a very new situation, that is a surprise and a worry,” Prof Sir Peter Horby, the director of the University of Oxford’s Pandemic Sciences Institute, said to the BBC.

As of right now, this is seeming like some pandemics that are small and not noticeable, however, there have been some people in the UK and other areas being infected with it. Some health professionals have stated that if someone gets in contact with Monkeypoxs, they should self isolate themselves.

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