Starbucks Leaving Russia!

Starbucks Leaving Russia!
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After 15 years of service in Russia, Starbucks has officially stated in a recent statement released not too long ago, that they will be pulling all the coffee shops out of Russia!

Russia has been involved in a lot of controversies recently, with the war against Ukraine being known as a war crime and a lot of firms leaving the country due to the all-out war that is going on currently.

Starbucks entered Russia in 2007 and has grown as a company with over 130 coffee shops.

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This is not the only firm that has decided to leave Russia due to this war, Russia has also lost companies such as McDonald’s and Renault permanently. Meaning Russia will no longer be able to purchase anything from these companies unless they make a shocking return.

“made the decision to exit and no longer have a brand presence in the market”. Starbucks spokesmen said.

With nearly 850 fast-food chains and 130 coffee shops shutting down, Russia will more than likely end up having nothing other than branded stuff. Meaning Russia will more than likely copy and sell it as their own.

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