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US Declares Monkeypox as Public Health Emergency!

US Declares Monkeypox as Public Health Emergency!
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After the rise in Monkeypox cases, the US have decided to make this a public emergency as the cases continue to rise over the next weeks! There has been 6,600 cases of Monkeypox recorded in the US and this number is set to rise over the next few months as nothing is being done about getting rid of it. The same as Covid-19! 

Monkeypox is on the rise in many areas across the world, however there has been nothing done about it until recent when the US declared this as a health emergency.

So far, cases have topped nearly over 6,000 cases in the US and more than 26,000 cases worldwide, this is no where near as bad as Covid-19 was, however this could end up being as bad if nothing is done about this in the next few months.

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It comes less than a fortnight after the World Health Organization issued its highest emergency alert following a worldwide surge in cases. Resulting in the emergency.

Could Monkeypox end up being like Covid-19 in the future?

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