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Hospital Worker Held Accountable on Suspicion of Poisoning a Child!

Hospital Worker Held Accountable on Suspicion of Poisoning a Child!
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It’s been reported that a health worker in Birmingham has been held accountable on suspicion of poisoning a child during their time working!

A 27-year-old woman has been arrested on Thursday, only hours after the death took place and since this arrest, she has been suspended from her role at the current hospital she works at.

A spokesman for the hospital said that the child was being treated in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit before the incident took place and someone positioned the child while working at the time all evidence went to the 27-year-old women that are currently being investigated for the crime she may have committed.

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“The woman was arrested on Thursday evening at a property in the West Midlands area on suspicion of administering poison with intent to endanger life, The family of the child is being supported by specially trained officers.” said the West Midlands Police!

A spokesperson for Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust said this!

supporting the infant’s family at this distressing time and asking that privacy is respected during this process. Following the death of an infant at our Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, we have asked West Midlands Police to examine what has happened, in line with our own safeguarding policy,”

More than likely, the 27-year-old woman will no longer be working in that hospital on that ward anymore, however, their investigation could end with it being someone else!

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