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Covid to Spike During Lunar New Year!

Covid to Spike During Lunar New Year!
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900 million people in China have been infected with Covid-19 as of 11th January 2023. This is only an estimate study that was taken by Peking University. 

The reports estimate that 64% of China have the virus, this could be due to the protesting that took place due to the rules that were in place.

Covid-19 has peaked in China a few times due to the ongoing problem that they have surrounding Covid.

The peak of China’s Covid wave is expected to last two to three months, added Zeng Guang, ex-head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control. Stat the BBC!


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Hundreds of millions of Chinese are travelling to their hometowns.

Many for the first time since the pandemic began. This is ahead of the lunar new year on 23 January.

China have been struggling to contain the virus for some time now, which could be a result of the amount of spikes that they have had.

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