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Covid-19 in China is “Coming to an End”?

Covid-19 in China is “Coming to an End”?
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China have seen another massive wave of Covid-19. There has been a lot of cases and a lot of issues surrounding Covid in China, however there are reports of it “coming to an end”!

The number of severe Covid-19 cases and deaths have reportedly been going down. The CDC said in a report.

China have always had issues with Covid-19 as the virus was constantly going up and down during the months, however with the Covid policies stopping, they have seen a massive spike since they started.

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It said the weekly Covid death rate had been rising in recent weeks and that more than 170,000 Covid-19-related deaths had been reported globally within the last eight weeks, adding that a lack of surveillance now made it more difficult to track down variants. Stat the BBC!

The CDC said: “There has not been an obvious rebound in Covid cases during the Lunar New Year holidays.

“In this time, no new variant has been discovered, and the country’s current wave is coming to an end.”

“We will know soon if the Lunar New Year celebrations will trigger another surge in China cases, but it is unlikely to match what was experienced in December and the earlier part of January 2023.”

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