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Covid-19: Rules Changing from 27th January 2022!

Covid-19: Rules Changing from 27th January 2022!
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With Covid-19 easing in some parts of the UK and seeming to ease in cases, sometimes increasing and sometimes decreasing, the PM Boris Johnson has announced some new rules regarding face masks and other parts due to change from the 27th January 2022. Some rules will still be in place, however where should you now wear a mask? These are the Rules in England from the 27th Januray!

  • Face coverings will no longer be required in Secondary Schools
    • It is said that pupils are still asked to wear a mask in the school halls and enclosed areas to stop the spread in there school from getting worse, even in their on classrooms. For Teachers however, they are said to no longer need face coverings.
  • Face Coverings are no longer legally required
    • This means that if you no longer wants to wear a face covering, you don’t have to anymore as it is not a legal requirement from the 27th January.
    • Shops across the UK, such as Sainsbury’s, have asked all there employees and customers to wear a mask to stop the spread from appearing in there local shops.
  • Everyone over the age of 11 must wear face coverings when on public transport.
    • Public transport is still one of those places where everyone needs a face mask.
  • Pubs, cafes, restaurants, and gyms are no longer needing face masks.

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