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Seven UK cities make shortlist to host Eurovision!

Seven UK cities make shortlist to host Eurovision!
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Eurovision is a massive song competition that allows every single country to compete for a chance to win! England is the next country to have a chance at hosting the Eurovision song contest recently and there have already been seven cities that could host this song contest in 2023.

The reason this song contest is happening in the UK now is due to the ongoing war. Ukraine was meant to host this song contest, however, they had to relocate due to the war that was going on and with this, there will be 160 million people watching the song contest happen in the UK.

Image Credit: Simone Migliaro

The UK was chosen to host the contest after organizers decided it could not be staged by Ukraine, the 2022 winners. This was after Russia decided to invade Ukraine. This could have changed if the war had been over, however, after 2 months, the war is still ongoing.

Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, and Sheffield will vie to stage the event in May.

UK singer Sam Ryder finished second at this year’s contest in Turin, Italy.

“The capacity, capability and experience to host an event of this scale and complexity”.heavily weighted towards demonstrating past experience in hosting major international events, as well as being able to demonstrate their credentials in hosting a celebration of contemporary music”. a statement was made by the BBC!

Banner and Image Credit: Simone Migliaro

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