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Covid-19: Is It Returning?

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Covid-19 has been one of the worst viruses to hit the modern world, with a countless amount of people dying and infected with Covid-19 right now, however nowadays, there are fewer and fewer people dying of Covid-19 and now, the numbers are rising again!

A new record number of cases has been recorded in the UK, with over 4.9 million people is believed to have Covid-19 right now in the UK, with some of them in hospital with the virus too.

Around the world right now, it is believed that over 482,000,000 people have Covid-19 and over 6,000,000 people have died due to contacting Covid-19 or died with the known virus in their system at the time.

Some places around the world are seeing the effects of Covid-19 hit them hard, as in the UK the NHS staff are starting to become overwhelmed with the amount of work they are needing to do as they have had to say to some ambulances they have to find another hospital as they haven’t got the room or doctors. Also with them getting Covid-19 and staying off work, there is a lot that can go wrong with this.

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So far, Brazil and US are the two main places in the world that are seeing more and more cases appear from out of nowhere, with the US being the highest place with the most amount of cases across the world and Brazil in second.

US 973,075 296.5 79,452,668
Brazil 659,227 312.4 29,857,641

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