Ukraine’s War Against Russia: Update!

Ukraine’s War Against Russia: Update!
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Russia is continuing to attack many places in Ukraine with some parts of Ukraine they have left, for example, it’s believed that Russia has left the northern part of Ukraine, however, they are still attacking major cities and even civilian areas.

Ukraine is seeing the worst of everything right now, with the war and now it’s said that Ukraine’s economy could shrink by almost half this year due to the war that has taken place, to says the world bank.  With this Anna Bjerde, the bank vice-president has said that Ukraine needs “massive financial support immediately” after knowing that this could happen at some point this year!

Current President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky says that Russia is too afraid to admit “cowardly” mistakes, meaning starting this war and causing a war crime as they have attacked more innocent lives than any other.

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It is believed that more than 1,200 bodies have been found in the Kyiv region after more attacks that have taken place, however, Russia has now focused on attacking in the east and south of Ukraine now. As more strikes and bombs have set off around that area.

Some world leaders believe that Ukraine has to beat Moscow to even have a chance at having another chance at a peace talk. Meaning there may not be another chance for a peace talk for a while as Russia has a bigger army and more control right now!

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