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Covid-19 Infections Continue to Fall!

Covid-19 Infections Continue to Fall!
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The UK has seen some of the worst of Covid-19 Infections since the beginning of the pandemic, however reports suggest that Covid-19 infection rates are going down!

According to some reports and suggestions, Covid-19 infection are not as bad as they once were. With some people suggesting that for the UK, Covid-19 is no longer a pandemic, however other places are still struggling with the pandemic and with the situation!

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The UK may have sorted it’s Covid-19 problems, however North Korea are still in the mix of the pandemic as they start to get more and more cases each day and are in strict Lockdown due to how deadly the virus could be for them, as they are not vaccinated.

It’s believed that North Korea are in lockdown with the medics using tea and salt water to combat the virus. As they continue to have any support from the countries that have faced and beat the virus!

Places like the US and UK are still getting some infections, however they have started to learn to live with Covid-19! As China and North Korea are in the mix of attempting to completely get rid of the virus as they no longer want any infections happening!

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