Russia Committed War Crime?

Russia Committed War Crime?
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Russia has started an all-out war with a lot of threats and more coming from it, there is no way that this war is ending any time soon unless Putin is in serious danger of losing, however currently, all world leaders are attempting to get as many members in NATO as possible!

Recently, a Russian soldier was confronted about the events that are taking place, and he replied by admitting this was a “war crime”!

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According to some reports, there was a man aged 62 killed by a Russian soldier for no reason whatsoever, even though the Russian president says he doesn’t attack the civilians. After these events took place, it’s believed that the wife of the man that was shot found the man that killed his husband and confronted the Russian soldier.

Russians have stated that over 900 Ukrainian fighters have been sent to Prison camps in Moscow after the events in Mariupol.

All this happening shows how much this war could go on, as both sides are able to win the war whenever, however with the war excelling, Putin may also get more places involved to try and gain more momentum. More momentum means a harder fight for Ukraine.

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