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Coronavirus Cases Growing?

Coronavirus Cases Growing?
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Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been in everyone’s mind since the beginning of 2020. Wuhan, China was were it all started, however the UK and Spain and even the US are feeling the effects of this deadly virus!

The virus is extremely deadly, no one knows if they’ll survive and or live to tell the tale, some cases of the virus are deadly as others are mild symptoms that can recover within 7 to 14.

With the virus being easy to catch, place around the world are slowly easing lockdown as others are just letting it happen as it goes along. The US is one of them.

Covid-19 was seemingly starting to ease off, but in the UK there has been more infections each day.  At the start of lockdown, the UK were infecting more than 5,000 a day and that figure went down to 590 a day, now it’s increased back up to 1,000 a day! And even in Spain they are getting more and more each day!


The virus has effected the economy massively and has caused it to slow down and slow anything to help the planet down to try to stop the deadly virus from spreading even more than they already has! The virus will be gone very soon!

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