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Why Is It So Hot?

Why Is It So Hot?
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A sudden and unexpected heatwave is hitting the UK hard right now, with temperatures rising above 25°c. 

  • It’s hot hot hot in the UK right now!

Humidity is probably one of the highest I’ve ever seen it – and everyone’s having a bit of trouble sleeping!

A lot of stores are even selling out of electric fans due to the heat, it seems no one can cope, with one person writing on Twitter: “Got steadily hotter the last three nights, this is unbearable. I’m so tired and cranky its unreal.”

So, why is it actually so warm?

Met Office spokeswoman Bonnie Diamond told WalesOnline: “Temperatures are high overnight as the hot air mass remains over the UK and winds are light so the air is very still.

“Until we see the current weather set up turn changeable allowing Atlantic weather fronts to introduce fresher air and less warm temperatures – it will stay uncomfortable,” she said.

It’s still set to be warm for a couple of days yet, despite temperatures dropping by a few degrees overnight. Our best chance at a reduction in temperature, Met Office have said, is the middle of next week, when cooler winds come north to the UK.


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