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Caught Covid-19 Twice in 20 Days?

Caught Covid-19 Twice in 20 Days?
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According to some Spanish research, there have been claims that a woman has managed to get in contact with Covid-19 within 20 days from last having the contagious virus. Proving there may not be any immunity to the virus after contracting it.

A 31-year-old healthcare worker has managed to catch the virus twice in 20 days, somehow and someway this may have happened. This research does show that someone is unlucky enough to catch Covid-19 within 20 days from last having it. Especially those in high-risk areas.

According to more research done, it was believed that reinfections in the UK required 90 days between positive tests, meaning that health officials have said that more than 900,000 people could have caught Covid-19 twice in April.

This is due to the virus being up in cases during April.

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Due to this, there could be more research in place to see if Covid-19 can infect those who have already caught the virus within 20 days as this one woman managed to get Covid-19 twice in 20 days!

This is what the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, study author Dr. Gemma Recio said about the situation;

“In other words, people who have had Covid-19 cannot assume they are protected against reinfection, even if they have been fully vaccinated. Nevertheless, both previous infection with other variants and vaccination do seem to partially protect against severe disease and hospitalisation in those with Omicron,”

All this suggests that some people who have already had Covid-19 beforehand could have had the virus again within 20 days! Making the 90 days immunity not true!

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