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Speed Limit Lowered in Wales!

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Speed limits are what everyone lives by, what everyone does to avoid anything happening to them and or their cars, there is now a new law passed that has made it so that cars in Wales will be going slower than usual! 

Ministers say that the 20mph speed limit will lower the number of road collisions and traffic noises and encourage people to walk and cycle.

The slower limit has been divisive in areas where there have been trials with some motorists complaining of more congestion and certain journeys taking longer than usual.

“We know that 20mph zones reduce speed of traffic, reduce accidents – particularly accidents to children, We want to see that become the default position right across Wales.” said the first minister Mark Drakeford.

Campaigners argue the chances of someone surviving being hit by a car at 20mph rather than 30mph are seven times higher while stopping distances are almost halved.

The main issue involving this is the fact that they are hoping mroe and more people walk and cycle rather than use the car. There is no chance that someone is avoiding an easy journey cause it is faster, as it is more convenient to go into your car and drive to work than walk or cycle.

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