We predicted a close one in this game and we weren't wrong. The game went through to OT2 and was a nail biter throughout. The breakdown of the score per quarter is below.

Score Breakdown

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Where did the Clippers go wrong? Celtics FG% was marginally better than the Clippers, as this was down to one main factor, the Celtics were far better at creating room for each other and the clippers defence was slow to react giving them a number of better looks. This was greatly seen behind the 3pt line. Some silly mistake and poor passes led to Celtics totalling 9 steals compared to the Clippers 4.

Clippers had to work harder on the offensive rebounds for second-chance points to keep the game close.

Jayson Tatum scored well over his 22.1 season points average, with a phenomenal 39 points. He has performed well over the last 5 games. His only dip in performance was against Thunder.

Jayson Tatum Last 5

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Highlights of Tatum performance

Full game highlights

Box Score Clippers

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Box Score Celtics

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All in all this was an excellent match


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