Staying Motivated During Lockdown

Staying Motivated During Lockdown

Lockdown has been hard on everyone in some way. And even if you’ve not been directly affected by the disease, you will have still felt some of its effects. 

We’ve all felt a bit less motivated at times recently, let’s face it. It’s not like it’s easy to stay motivated during these time either. Not seeing loved ones, possibly not working properly; just sitting at home not doing much.

How to stay (somewhat) motivated. 

You should try and make a routine and stick to it, it’ll help feeling like there’s some sort of order in your day. So waking up at a set time, eating at around the same time, and other organised stuff will definitely help boost your mood and motivation.

Exercising, whether it’s walking, running, playing football, whatever you like to do, it releases happy hormones in your head, and makes you more driven. It clears your head as well, allowing you to plan better and think clearly.

Eating healthily will improve your mood substantially. You won’t feel bad about your body or health if you eat healthy. We all know it’s true! When you indulge a little too much – and get greedy – your body often doesn’t thank you for it. And you just feel run down and lazy. So try and eat as healthy as you can, or just don’t overindulge.

Start a new hobby/continue an existing one. As soon as you stop doing something, you’ll start to lose motivation at a accelerating rate. It’s a spiral downwards once you stop feeling like you’re moving forwards. So keep feeling active, and like you’re doing something or working towards something… because if you’re not moving forwards you’re moving backwards!

Implementing just a few of these things should make you feel more motivated, even if it’s just a little bit. So give it a go – I’d suggest starting with setting out a routine, just to get the ball rolling.


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