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Chelsea Target Enzo Fernandez!

Chelsea Target Enzo Fernandez!

Chelsea have decided to target a world cup winner by the name of Enzo Fernandez of Benfica. This man was the help that Argentina needed to win the world cup in 2022. 

Chelsea have stated that they will be targeting a young Argentinian midfielder by the name of Enzo Fernandez.

The world cup winner recently played a match for his current side Benfica. He managed to score a great goal for them.

This could be the midfielder that Chelsea need as they have not been in the best of forms recently and have been seen losing a lot of players due to injury.

Chelsea need a brand new team after the performances they have been doing, losing 4-0 to Manchester City is not the best for a world class side. Or a Champions League winning side.

Could Enzo Fernandez be the player to help turn Chelsea in the right direction?

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