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The Resident! Season 1, Episode one!

The Resident! Season 1, Episode one!

The Resident Season 1 Episode one “Pilot”

Introduction to Dr Bell

The episode kicks of straight into the hospital surgery room where the famous head of surgery is preforming an active surgery on a patient, a young surgeon tell everyone in the room this was her first ever surgery with Dr Bell. One of the one on duties decided to get her phone out to take a picture to capture the moment as a keep sake for the young surgeon. However it does cause a great distraction in the theater room. Dr Bell was fast to tell them that this was highly inappropriate and for them to get back to their station. However a maid surgeon who is the one who is working more closely with the operation blows it off and say they were just having a bit of fun.

Dr Bell hand begins to shake but he take ahold of it and stops it before beginning to continue. However within a split second the unconscious patient begins to wake up knock Dr bell causing him to accident cut a very important artery. They begin to kick into gear as the patient had begin to lose at least two liters of blood.  To the point they lose the plus and Doctor Bell has to begin compression in an attempt to get his pulse back. Unfortunaly the patient was not able to make it and they had call time of death. The theater team were shook and thought it was all over for there careers. At this point they begin to make up excuses of how this unfortunate accident happened within the room. The male surgeon who blew of Dr Bell first request to get back to the station was fast to put blame onto Dr Bell saying how it was his fault for leaving a blade in the field, however Dr Bell came back with the excuse that when the patient was coming out of his unconscious state his arm got knocked.

This where past slip up in the theatre room get brought up as Dr Bell remembers covering for the staff during past events. Dr Bell then asks the team ‘what did they see’. One nurse make a comment of a heart attack, this is when the charts are checked and they find is there is family history of heart disease. This is when they make up a story how a heart attack came out during surgery and how they tried CPR but the patience was unresponsive.  Dr Bell agrees with the story simply he had a heart attack and the nurse in which took photo made sure to get rid of them so the story seemed believable.

Introduction to Conrad

Then we get to meet a doctor called Conrad, who is seen biking work when he stops, he tries to call out a man who parked in a handy cap spot and tell the man he can’t park there. He was affectively ignored so Conrad took his drink and poured it over the man car out of spite of being ignored for parking in a handy capped spot which wasn’t clearly allowed.  He then leaves his can which we find out is an energy drink on the car.

Introduction to Devon Pravesh

We are then brought to a brand new doctor starting his first day on the job, We find out quickly that his name is Devon Pravesh who is recently graduated from Harvard University. This is shown with a small montage of his home and picture of family and him with his girlfriend. You see Devon getting himself dressed accordingly making sure that he is looking smart and professional to make a good first impression on his first day. He his then gift what his girlfriend called part of the uniform and its a beautiful golden watch, she even when out the way to get in engraved with Dr Devon Pravesh as way to remember this day and make it amazing for him.

Introduction to Chastain Park Memorial Hospital

In this scene you get your first glance at the actual name of the hospital and that the head of surgery is the face of the hospital while also having a long poster on bus with a key quote ‘committed to excellence’. The hospital lobby has classic music and how other new doctors are star stuck by seeing the famous Dr Bell. Devon comes into with a stride in his step and comes across as very confident person getting Dr Bell and giving him praise and why he made the decision he did to become a member of the hospital.

First Meeting between Conrad and Devon

There first meeting take place in the physical therapy and Conrad is very fast get Devon to drop the smart look he work hard on earlier that morning. He then proceed to ask some personal question. Conrad is already up to speed about Devon and is very quick to give him a hard reality check with the difference between university and actaully working in a hospital. They ended having what some people would call a very much face to face chat where Conrad even lays down some threats to Devon.

Devon first patient

Conrad give Devon a quick run down of his first patient and his symptoms and ask what they could lead too, Devon is quick to answer. Conrad is not afraid to boss him around and tell him what to do and very bluntly as he does. Conrad then leaves Devon until he can ask what to know and do.

First Meeting between Devon and Nic

Devon make sure to give a formal yet confident greeting to the Nic who seems to be caught of guard, they have a small conversation which ends up being about Conrad and how Devon wants someone else to teach him the way of the hospital, but Nik is fast to make Devon take a quick step back.

Nic and Conrad

You can almost feel the tension between two characters, and it clear them two have got some history when Conrad find Nic on a dating app with a picture he took of her as main picture and what may seem like a kick in the teeth. Is that in her bio she clearly states. ‘NO DOCTORS’ as maybe a hint to Conrad giving him a hard no even with clear history.

Introduction to Lily

We find out Lily is a regular as hospital as is a cancer patient who has been battling for quite some time to the point where near enough all the hospital staff are committed to her on not just a work level anymore but personal level also only wanting the best for her and wanting to see her beat lethal killer known as cancer.

 A gift

Conrad take a bit of fun out of teasing Devon and that clear by his action as he begins to explain about Lily and what her chart says but want to show trust in the new doctor so he make Lily his patient and what he would call a gift too him, but make it very clear not to screw this up.

 A disagreement between Dr Bell and Conrad

Conrad finally finds out about his patient who died in surgery on the night, and was fast to go find Dr Bell to truly find out what went wrong. However he stick with the heart attack story but Conrad is fast to make comments about Dr Bells past mistake and tells him to take a different life path which cause great offence to Dr Bell.

Devon first mistake

Conrad give him his first emergency call, unfortunaly a young 21 year old girl heart stop beating but Devon was persistent  in what he believed was saving her life, but after a certain amount of time he got her heart beating once again. But Conrad was very blunt her brain had been without oxygen for far too long so she may have a beating heart but he gave Devon the harsh truth the young girl was now ‘Brain Dead’


Conrad and Devon end up having a heart to heart which explains how someone once so eager was now no longer that and gave the harsh lesson that in medical school they don’t teach you more often than not you can do a lot more harm then good.

 The Hand of God

This is a little device that is taking the lead to do small operation while being controlled by a surgeon, this is begin shown to possible investor within the hospital to have it used on a actual person it is shown by being work on apple just showing how much better and cleaner it would be to use. Dr Bell is the one trying to sell the device to the investors while an open demonstration on a apple is given.

 Introduction to Dr Mina

She is the girl behind the machine that Dr Bell was showcasing she apparently has the best hand in surgery. She has built an amazing reputation among the staff however her reviews online not so much. She is very blunt and straight to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush.

Just a Business

The next scene give you real insight to how a hospital is ran and that some words exchanged between Devon and Nic shows that a hospital is not just saving people it is also a business , out to make money just though peoples lives.

A threat and help

Mina is someone who is very advanced and is the woman who known how to use the machine well. Dr Bell is the one who is requested for surgery with the machine and put Mina in position she either helps him or get deported as her Visa is due for a renewal . She is then shown making an attempt to help Dr Bell with learning the machine.

The Livestream

The whole operation where the machine is used in a livestream across online and also to the donators/investors, however people are left to believe that Dr Bell is the one using the machine when in reality it is Mina the one who doing it and Dr Bell is just the face of the whole thing.

The Review

What a way to kick of a series, this episode was very interesting and enjoyable to watch not only did it feel a bit more realistic in terms of a medical tv series but it also showed that to run a hospital to not all medicine and that business is also a very key part and that was something I truly enjoyed. It also shows some corruption within the medical life of a doctor. All the characters and everything was so enjoyable to read about and honestly one of the best medical shows I’ve seen. Also it does show that not everyone can be saved and how sometimes doctors can do more harm then good.


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