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The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Haunting of Bly Manor is an American Gothic-Drama/Horror Series available on Netflix. The storyline is a loose adaptation of Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw. 

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Release date: 9th October 2020

Created by: Mike Flanagan

Episodes: 9

Victoria Pedretti

Oliver Jackson-Cohen

Amelia Eve

T’Nia Miller

Rahul Kohli

Tahirah Sharif

Amelie Bea Smith

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth

Henry Thomas.

  1. “The Great Good Place”
  2. “The Pupil”
  3. “The Two Faces, Part One”
  4. “The Way It Came”
  5. “The Altar of the Dead”
  6. “The Jolly Corner”
  7. “The Two Faces, Part Two”
  8. “The Romance of Certain Old Clothes”
  9. “The Beast in the Jungle”


The haunting of Bly Manor – The Plot, a brief explanation

The story starts in Northern California in 2007, where we are introduced to a late-middle-aged woman who wakes up sat but slumped in a chair facing a slightly ajar door to her hotel room. She then proceeds to the bathroom, where she empties the bath and sinks full of water while gainfully staring at her reflection.

To follow this, we are taken to a wedding rehearsal dinner of a young couple’s wedding. A diverse range of guest sits around a large dining table as a speech is being performed by one of the guests. After the dinner, we are taken to the guests enjoying late evening drinks surrounding a fireplace and sharing ghost stories in a light-hearted manner.

After a few guests have had their share of telling stories, the woman we are introduced to in the opening scene proceeds to explain that she has a story, ‘well… it isn’t really my story,’ she adds. A story of someone she knew, a long story, a ghost story involving many ghosts and if a child gives the additional effect to a ghost story, what do you say to two. A reference is made here to The Turn of the Screw.

Her story transports us to London, UK. The year is 1987, where we find ourselves introduced to a teacher, a young solitary American woman who has come to London and in pursuit of work has answered an advert by Lord Henry Wingrave for an Au Pair with responsibilities over two young children, his niece and nephew, in a stately home located in Essex. The Young woman appears to be stalked by a haunting reflection of a man who appears shadowed, to the point where o features are distinguished apart from the harrowing glow from his glasses.

The teacher attends an interview with a gentleman who we learn to be Lord Henry Wingrave, who introduces the teacher as Miss Clayton (Danielle), who prefers to be addressed as Dani.

Lord Wingrave comes across as quite standoffish and rude with Dani, with a flare of arrogance. He goes on to explain that his Neice and Nephew are exemplary but troubled. Furthermore, Miles, his nephew, has been sent home early from boarding school. However, the reason is not explained; however, he states that Miles is returning to Bly Manor, the Family’s Country house, where Flora, his niece, is also residing. While discussing beverages, we can see Henry adding alcohol to his coffee, which Dani spotted and is our first indication of his substance abuse. He explains that the Parents of Miles and Flora are deceased but with no explanation of how. We also learn that the Au Pair will be joining a housekeeper, Cook and Grounds Keeper.

After it appears that Dani is not contacted about the position, a chance meeting in the pub between the teacher and Lord Wingrave, they discuss the matter further. We learn that the position is not being sought-after by many due to the previous Au Pair seemingly committing suicide on the grounds.

Dani explains that she knows death and that after she taught a class of 25, she knows she can make a difference when only teaching a class of Two.

Dani explains in a call home that she has got the job at Bly Manor. The individual on the other end of the phone is quite clearly distressed by this, and it is clear from the conversation that Dani is avoiding being present at her home in America.

We then see Dani then being picked up by car by Owen, and this is our first introduction to the Cook of Bly Manor. he is a pleasant individual who displays light-hearted comedy throughout. Upon arrival at Bly Manor, Dani asks to walk the driveway’s length to the Manor’s entrance. En route, she is interrupted by the introduction of Flora, Miles and Hannah, the Manors Housekeeper. Both children are excited by the meeting of Dani, Hannah; however appears to be distracted in thought, a common attribute that presents throughout the storyline.

Further, into the episode, we meet Jamie, the straight-talking and dry humoured gardener.

The Story soon develops, showing strange occurrences with multiple ghostly characters being present both inside the manor and on the grounds. Similar to the first instalment of The Haunting collection, The Haunting of Hill House, many strange occurrences and figures can be seen in the background of the scenes.

Over the course of the 9 episodes, the plot becomes twisted and overlapping with the story behind the death of the previous au pair Rebecca Jessel and her relationship with the troublesome Peter Quint, the assistant of Henry Wingrave. Furthermore, explanations come to light about the mysterious historical events developing the story of the curse over Bly Manor. Revelations are made throughout that are obvious, but yet you never see coming in a perfectly written plot that is beautifully tied up in a surprising and well-developed finale.

With all emotions being manipulated, the whole series is riddled with excitement and moments that make your heart miss a beat and jump out of your body simultaneously, usually after being lured into a false sense of security by a moment of humour.

Each episode leads brilliantly into the next making it an easy watch and hard not to binge the entire series in one sitting.





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