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Resident Evil! Game Review!

Resident Evil! Game Review!

Resident Evil 2002 remake game review!


Resident Evil games a very well known for being a survival horror game, and the game was developed by the game company known as Capcom. The actual producers of the game is Capcom Production Studio 4. The original resident evil game was released back in 1996 on the PlayStation but then was remastered for the GameCube back in 2002.

The game took round about a year and 2 months to make, it was a part of an exclusive deal between Capcom and Nintendo the game was directed between Shinji Mikami.


The year is 1998 and the place is Raccoon City, a small, reserved town in the American Midwest. In the heavily forested surroundings of this peaceful town a series of bizarre murders have been reported to have occurred, with both increasing ferocity and rate of occurrence. When a surviving pair of hikers were discovered at the outskirts of the city and laid claims of a dozen or so attackers who feasted upon their live victims, Raccoon City’s police department decide to send in the Alpha Group from their resident specialists, STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad). Alpha Squad set off into the Forest by helicopter, only to lose contact with base ten minutes into their flight. Beta Squad, consisting of Marksman Chris Redfield, Escape Specialist Jill Valentine, Weapons Specialist Barry Burton and Team Leader Albert Wesker amongst others, were subsequently dispatched to investigate their colleagues’ disappearance. Ten minutes into their own flight the serious malfunction on the helicopter occurs and with little time to gather their senses the machine plunges violently to the Forest floor. Bruised and dazed, the surviving members of the crash stagger from the wreck, only to be savagely attacked by horrendously disfigured dogs, wreaking of blood and death. They scatter and run for their lives, discovering dismembered limbs of their Alpha Squad colleagues as they flee, until, one by one, they stumble upon a mysterious mansion with a looming entrance and invitingly strong looking doors. Jill, Chris, Barry and Wesker arrive one after another, before realising that none of their other team mates are likely to be following. They gather their thoughts in the grand front hall of the mammoth abode, deciding upon their escape plan, whilst simultaneously trying to get to grips with their horrendous situation. Wesker, team leader, takes charge, laying out how best to start the exploration of the building. They part ways, utterly unaware of the pure, unadulterated horror of what lies ahead. Horrific experiments, a ground breaking virus, mutated creatures and the walking dead are unknowingly the beginning what will result in a lifetime pursuit of answers and the evil that lies behind them.


I found this game extremely enjoyable it was filled with puzzles and jump scares. The games is difficult but you will feel a lot satisfaction once you complete something when you do anything is game. You get the option to play as either Chris or Jill. I choose Jill as she my favorite character from the game. The map is huge and it looks beautiful and the cut scenes really tell an amazing story. If you like any of the resident evil games I would recommend playing them in order.



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