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Gaming News! Overwatch!

Gaming News! Overwatch!

One of the most popular hero’s within the Overwatch franchise finally has his rename announced. The popular hero I’m talking about is non other than Jesse McCree and his rename is coming to the game in on the 26th of October. His name will no longer be Jesse McCree is will be get switching to Cole Cassidy.

This name change for the hero was first announced back in August we just didn’t know what name he was going to be. This was told to fan not long after the California harassment lawsuit against the company came to light and a former Blizzard employee was called Jesse McCree who was participating within the Cosby Suite incident.

The decision was made to change his name due to the fact they wanted something that would better the company and represent what Overwatch truly stands for and that this will be a more thoughtful and discerning about adding real world references in the future of Overwatch content.

In addition,  Last week, Activision Blizzard said that over 20 employees had “exited” the company and another 20 had faced “other types of disciplinary action” following investigations into sexual harassment and discrimination claims.

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