Dead by Daylight! The Nurse!

Dead by Daylight! The Nurse!

In Dead by Daylight currently, there is 25 killers in total one of the killers, the Killer in this post is arguably one of the best killers in game if played correctly is the The Nurse and her name is Sally Smithson. She was released in the The Last Breath Chapter on August 29th 2016.

The Nurse is a killer that is able to blink though obstacles and quickly close gaps with her power. Like all killers she has three personal perks them being Stridor, Thanatophobia and A Nurse’s Calling. The perks allow her to decrease Survivors abilities and track them when they are hurt. She has a hard difficulty rating this is due to the amount of time it takes to play her and effort that is required to learn her properly.


The woman known as Sally Smithson came to a town with many dreams of the sound of children’s feet running around and the laughter they would spread in the wooden home that was built by her husband own two hands, her husband name was Andrew. However life had Sally life planned very much differently as her life came not with smiles only what could be classed as pure destruction and heartache. Andrew job came with many dangers and that job was a lumberjack. On one unfortunate day Andrew’s foreman had to pay Sally a visit that would forever change her life as she was now left alone. All so very alone.

With no income coming into the household no more and no food on the table, Sally had no other choice but to go out and seek for a job, but the only employment that she could get was as the Crotus Prenn Asylum. This was no place anyone would seek for a job unless it was out of desperation. Unfortunaly, Sally had a lack of education in this type of job and had to start from the bottom of the list doing long and hard nightshifts.

Over years of working her mind had reached it breaking points with her eyes being violated from the most horrifying thing she had wittiness while working. Her memories destroyed as they replayed every night, to further add to the pain she was badly verbally and physically abused, by people who had no limits. Sally had saw insanity  from the outside in order to catch herself.

Finally she cracked and broke and could not take anymore and concepts purification emerged inside and then she began to carry out what she felt was necessary. On one faithful morning in September, morning staff arrived and they found over fifty dead patients all laying lifeless in their beds along with four other staff members also dead.

Only Sally was the one who survived that night, but her mind was well and truly gone as she did was rock back and forth non-stop. No one knowns what happened that night, the only person who will ever know is Sally. However the patients that were found dead some seemed to have been choked as they had marks around their necks. Sally was placed in an ambulance but it never reached the hospital it was found crashed in a woodlands nearby and all staff were dead but Sally was nowhere to be found.

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