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10 Did You Know Facts You May Not Have Known!

10 Did You Know Facts You May Not Have Known!

A lot of people find stuff weird and wacky, however here are 10 things the average person may not have known about until now!

  1. Did You Know… That if you were to take the first letter of each of the months from July to November, you would spell out the name Jason!
  2. Did You Know… That the popular sugary drink known as Coca Cola actually use to contain something some people wouldn’t think of? Coca Cola use to contain Cocaine before this being removed.
  3. Did You Know… If you were to add all the numbers from 1 to 100, meaning doing this 1+2+3+4+5 and so on till you reach 100, the total would be 5050.
  4. Did You Know… That elephants are one of the only mammals in the world that can’t jump at all.
  5. Did You Know… That the average person would sleep at least 25 years of their life? As sleeping 8 hours a day is the average amount, the average person would sleep for 25 years from birth to death.
  6. Did You Know… That more people are killed by bees than snakes? Strange as snakes are known as the scariest out the two.
  7. Did You Know… That 13 people a year actually die from vending machines.
  8. Did You Know… Grey Hounds can reach speeds as fast as some cars can? Speeds of 67kph or 42mph for those who don’t know kph.
  9. Did You Know… That there are over 690 known species of bats that has been discovered on our planet.
  10. Did You Know… Ice cream was first introduced into the world in 1904.

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