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Greek Mythology: Artemis

Greek Mythology: Artemis

Artemis was known as the Goddess of the hunt and is one of the most respected of all the ancient Greek deities. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto and also has a twin brother called Apollo.

Artemis is also the goddess of wilderness, moon and archery. When Artemis turned three years old, she asked her father Zeus for six wishes:

  • She would never marry
  • Have more names than her twin brother Apollo
  • Have the Cyclopes to make her bow arrow and knee-length tunic to wear
  • The bring light to the world
  • To have 60 nymphs who will tend to her hounds and have them as her friends
  • To have all mountains as her domain.

Zeus couldn’t resist his daughter and granted each and every wish she asked for, Artemis wasn’t his favourite daughter but her loved to keeps his daughter happy.

Despite Artemis not having any kids herself she was also seen as a protector of young girls till they married and even the goddess of childbirth.

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