Sonic the Hedgehog “2020” 


Sonic the Hedgehog is an action, adventure movie that was first released in 2020. It was directed by Jeff Fowler, with writing by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, music by Junkie XL and was produced by Paramount Pictures. Cast members of this movie includes Ben Schwartz, Jim Carrey, James Marsden Tika Sumpter, Adam Pally and Lee Majdoub. 

Warning this review will contain spoilers. 

Story Summery    

Sonic was born and raised on a distant planet by an owl named Longclaw, he had to be kept a secret because of his powers, which granted him the power of super speed. However, when a group known as the echidnas learn of his location Longclaw opens up a portal to earth and tells sonic to run while she holds their pursuers. At first Sonic doesn’t want to leave her but eventually he gives in, and he jumps threw the portal leaving Longclaw and his old life behind. 

Several years later Sonic now lives in the village of Green Hill where he is having the time of his life. However, one thing that bothers him is that he is lonely as he has to remain secret to the world. In fact, when he was on a baseball filled after realizing he will be along forever, he runs around it so fast he cases a nation-wide black out, (wops). The US government then dispatches Dr Ivo Robotnik, his assistant agent Stone and his army of drones to hunt down whatever caused the blackout. Sonic then realises he can’t stay there now so he grabs his bag of rings ready to open a portal to another would but before he can he is found by sheriff Tom Wachowski who tranquilizes him. 

After he wakes up Tom has a lot of questions for him, but that is short lived when Robotnik arrives and threatens to shoot Tom with one of his drones if he doesn’t give up Sonic’s location. But when Sonic steps in to try and protected Tom Robotnik screams before he is knocked out, both Sonic and Tom manage to get away. However, Robotnik was able to require one of Sonic quills and from there he starts learning how to harness Sonic’s power for himself. 

Meanwhile Tom felt guilty about making Sonic lose his bag of rings, (well he did shoot him, which caused him to accidentally open a portal to San Francisco and drop his rings through it.) So, he agrees to help Sonic get his rings back. But before they get there Sonic ends up getting them into trouble at a Biker bar. Thinks get worse for them as Robotnik is able to track them down and sends one of his drones after them, which has a lot of mode, (first it’s a tank, then it’s a car, then it’s a bike and it ends with it being a really small flying thing, which then turns into a bomb and knocks Sonic out cold).  

Tom was eventually able to get them both to San Francisco, but Sonic was still badly hurt, so Tom took him to his girlfriend Maddi’s house, who is a doctor, and she was able to get Sonic better, (Sonic also got some now trainers from Maddi’s niece Jojo). From there they make their way to the San Franciso tower where Sonic gets his rings back, unfortunately Robotnik had found them and to make matters worse he plugged Sonic’s quill into one of his drones, which gives it the same super speed Sonic has. A massive chase starts where Sonic is portal ling to places all over the world but no matter how fast he runs Robotnik is always right behind him. 

The chase ends in Green Hills where it looks like Robotnik is victorious. Sonic however is inspired by his friends Tom, Maddi and everyone in Green Hills standing up to protect him. Inspired enough to stop running and fight for his home, which he doses by taking back the power Robotnik had stolen. The final fight ends with Sonic opening a portal and banishing Robotnik through it. The movie ends with both Tom and Maddi adopting Sonic and giving him his own room in their house, we then get an extra scene where Robotnik is now looking like the Eggman we are all familiar with and he is now stuck on a plant full of mushrooms. However, he still has the quill, and it sounds like he already has a plan to get back to earth. 

Thoughts and feelings           

This was defiantly a great movie adaptation of the popular video came franchise. I was also really happy that the producers decided to re make Sonic’s look, because let’s face it the first design looked awful. But they got their act together and gave us a sonic that looked brilliant and looks like he doses in the video games. 

If there was one person who could play Doctor Eggman on the big screen it was defiantly Jim Carrey. This was because he gave us a Robotnik just as evil and crazy as he is in the video games, (with a bit of Jim Carrey style to add along to). 

Eggman’s design was interesting as well as he didn’t have a bald head and very big Mustache until the end of the movie. But his look was still good in the movie because it shows us what he looked like before he became the Eggman we all know and love. 

The storyline was good also as it was a tale of Sonic keeping himself a secret to the world at first but then decided to stop running and fight for his home. I also liked the scene in the bar where Sonic was moving so fast everyone was standing still. This was because Sonic was able to stop all the fighting and protect his friend at the same time. 

Overall, I though this movie was brilliant, and I can’t wait to see the next movie, as we also find out that Tails is in the next movie, and I can’t wait to watch it.

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