Rush Hour 2 


Rush Hour 2 is an action, comedy, buddy cop movie and the second movie in the Rush Hour franchise. It was directed by Brett Ratner, with writing by Ross LaManna and Jeff Nathanson and music by Lalo Schifrin. Cast members of this movie include Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, John Lone, Zhang Ziyi, Roselyn Sanchez and Alan king. 

Warning this review will contain spoilers for those who have not watched this movie. 

Story summery   

The story beings in Hong Gong where cops Carter and Lee are enjoying their holiday, after their last mission. However, it is cut short when Lee is informed that the US Consulate General had been bombed and two people had been killed. They believe it was carried out under the orders of Ricky Tan a high-ranking member of the triads. From their Lee tells Carter they are going to a party at a local bar and Carter gets down on karaoke singing “Don’t stop till to you get enough” by Michael Jackson. 

However, Lee didn’t tell him that they’re really at a gangster bar owned by the triads. Naturally Carter goes into police mode and tells them in Chines that they are all under arrest, however his Chines speaking is not good, and Lee tells him he just asks them to “pick up their samurai swords and shave his butt”. However, Lee soon spots a woman Hi Zi, Ricky Tan’s bodyguard and chase her down, which ends up with a fight with other members of Tans Triad.  

Soon after Lee and Carter are informed that the two people that were killed in the US bombing were actually undercover agents working a top-secret case, the triads are planning something big, and they believe that Ricky Tan is the head of this operation. However, the office Lee is in is soon bombed by HI Li and Lee believe Carter has been killed, fortunately he is fine, and has just gone down to Chine town to do some more site seeing. They soon reunite and find themselves on a yacht where Ricky is held up at, it is also where Carter first meets Isabelle Molina, (who she is will shortly come up later). Lee them comes face to face with Ricky who tells him he believes his enemies withing the triads are setting him up. Before he can explain further his own bodyguard shoots him which seemingly kills him. A fight then breaks out and unfortunately Hi Li his able to escape.   

Unfortunately, Lee is held responsible for Ricky’s death and causing the trail to go cold for that he is taken off the case and Carter is ordered back to LA, angry at Lee for keeping so many secrets from him Carter happy obliges. Until Lee comes out clean to Carter and reviles that this job was personal. It turns out Ricky was the old partner of Lee’s father, but when he found out Ricky was working for the triads, he tried to bring him in. But Ricky sold Lee’s father out, which resulted in his death. Now understanding what Lee’s going through Carter persuades him to come back to LA with him. 

While on the yacht Carter learns that LA billionaire Steven Regin must be working with the Triads as well, so they staked out near Regin towers in order to find out more. Once again, they run into Isabelle who is actually an undercover agent who is trying to bring down Regin’s counterfeiting superbill money laundering operation.  

Along the way however they are captured by Hi Li who ties them up in a truck full of status, Isabelle still being undercover helps her do it. Lee and Carter soon break out and discover that they are stuffing the status full of the fake bills they have been making and they soon find out where they are being taken to. 

They soon find themselves in Las Vegas where Steven Reigh is about to open the Red Dragon Casino, which is actually where the bills are being made. Basically, the gambrels will be giving them real money and they be given fake money for their winnings, the triads will be steeling billions of real US dollars. While Lee infiltrates the counterfeiting operation Carter being Carter decides to do a bit of gambling himself.  

Once again Lee is captured, and he soon finds out that Ricky Tan is still alive and is the true mastermind behind the counterfeiting. To make matters worse Lee finds himself muscled with a bomb in his mouth. When Carter realizes Lee’s in trouble, he comes to his rescue and helps him get the bomb out of his mouth. Lee then rushes off to confront Ricky, (who has just killed Steven Regie because he tried to double cross him) while Carter takes on Hi Li. This leads to an epic battle between them, and Carter comes out on top, Lee is also able to take down Ricky, ending the Counterfeiting and finally getting justice for his father, (oh and Isabelle finally decided to stop playing undercover and help the two of them as well). 

The movie end at the airport where Carter gives Lee a bag full of money, even though he says he can’t have it at first, but Carter soon changes his mind when he suggests another holiday and the two head off to New York City. (Oh, and also, I think Lee has a fling for Isabelle as they both shared a kiss so hopefully this will come back up in the third movie) 

Thoughts and Feelings  

Thie was a great sconed movie for Rush Hour and once again Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker gave us a great performance. An example of this was when Carter was telling triad members, they’re under arrest in Chines, but it’s not very good and he says something completely different. This scene was good because it was very amusing and a laugh a lot. 

I also liked the idea where it seemed the main villain was already dead. This was good because it made me think Ricky Tan was telling Lee the truth and there was another person who was the movies big bad, until he was later revealed to be alive and was working from the shadows.      

Ricky Tans plan was also a great villain plan too, this was because by making thousands of fake bills and opening up a casino filled with them the triads could steel louds of real money from its customers and giving them fake money, (it’s a great plan you know for a criminal empire that is).  

Isabelle was also a great character in this movie. This was because she was really good at her job as an undercover agent, (I mean seriously she was really good at it I sometimes had trouble knowing who side she was on.) 

It was also great to see Lee get justice for his father, which he did by taking down his father ex-partner. This was good because now Lee could finally rest easy knowing that his father’s killer is now dead and gone. 

Overall, I thought this was a strong movie to add to the Rush Hour franchise and I can’t wait to see what they do for the final movie.  

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