Day Shift (2022)

Day Shift  


Day Shift is a 2022 Vampire movie, which was released on Netflix. It was directed by J.J Perry, with writing by Tyler Tice and Shay Hatten and music by Tyler Bates. Cast members of this movie includes Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Snoop Dogg, Karla Souza, Peter Stormare and Zion Broadnax.  

Warning this review will contain spoilers. 

Story Summery  

The story beings in the city of Los Angeles where we find Bud Jabloskis cleaning the pool, but this isn’t his real job as we soon find him doing battle with an old woman who is revealed to be a vampire. It was a tough brawl, but he soon came out on top and slayed the vampire, (so you see he’s not a pool cleaner but a vampire hunter.). We then shift, (no pun intended) to another vampire chained up in the sun, overseen by a woman known as Audrey who we later find out is a vampire too. Anyway, she chained him up for defying her orders and when she drives off, we then see a billboard revealing she is also a real estate developer. 

As well as hunting vampire’s bud has, he’s own family problem, after being late to pick up his daughter Pagie his ex-wife then tells him unless he can find the money to pay for Pagie’s school, they’ll both be moving to Florida.  

Desperate to get the money Bud goes to see Troy the owner of a pawn shop to sell the fangs of the vampires he just slew, (because apparently in this movie vampire fangs are very valuable, who knew). However, Troy doesn’t give him enough money to pay for Pagie’s school, even after selling his gun and the shoes he was wearing. With no other option Bud contacts his old friend big John to help him rejoin the Union, (a group dedicated to protecting the world from vampires). They allow it but only if Bud is watched by Union agent Seth. Meanwhile Audrey finds the body of the elderly vampire that Bud killed at the start of the movie, Furious at this she sets out to find the person responsible. We soon find out Seth is not the bravest vampire hunter in the world as he’s constantly pissing his pants in the face of danger, (I mean come on Seth keep it together).  

On their latest vampire hunting job Bud teams up with the Nazanrian brothers in order to take down a vampire nest, however after peeing his pants again Seth soon finds something wrong with this scene. You see we later find out that there are different types of vampires in this movie, (but don’t ask me to tell you what they are because their names are really hard to say). However, we soon find that this nest contains vampires from each of the different types. To make matters worse they find a vampire being able to run in the daylight.  

While talking his daughter to a friend’s birthday party Bud has a call from Audrey, who recently found out from Troy that Bud is the man she is after, (right after torturing him then killing him). She then tells him she is coming for him and his family, Bud then takes Pagie and drives them home but not before they are chased down by Audrey’s day walking vampires. However, it was all for nothing as Audrey’s already at Pagie’s house. She then takes Pagie and her mother hostage telling Bud she’s going to turn Pagie and make her drink her mother’s blood, (oh and she’s just turned Seth into a vampire to which makes things even worse). 

 In order to save his family Bud confronts his new neighbour Heather who is also a vampire too, but she has no intent in helping Audrey with her plans, she even tells Bud what Audrey is planning. Turns out Audrey is building a vampire army by selling houses to them and arming them with guns and this special cream that makes vampires immune to sunlight. Heather also reveals that the elderly vampire Bud killed at the start was Audrey’s daughter, which she revealed that when she had her Audrey had to go away and by the time, she got back her daughter was an elderly woman. 

Together with Heather, Seth and later Big John Bud storms Audrey’s stronghold in order to rescue his family. However, along the way Big John is bitten and so he stays behind to hold off the oncoming vampire horde, which ends with him detonating a bomb on his chest killing him and the vampires. In the final battle Bud confronts Audrey while Seth and Heather take on Audreys equally strong bodyguard Klaus. However, it seems the big guys have the upper hand, but the good guys struck back with Hearther and Seth pulling Klaus arms off and, in the end, Bud came out on top, and Audrey was defeated. 

The movie ends with Bud reuniting with his family, and they decided to stay in Los Angles with him so long as there are no more secrets between them. (oh, and Big John is somehow alive, so I guess he’s a vamp now).  

Thoughts and feelings  

I thought that this was a great vampire movie. An example of this was thanks to Jamie Foxx’s performance of Bud, this was because Bud was great vampire hunter who wanted to support and protected his family by killing vampires and selling their fangs. 

I also thought that Seth too was a great character because he was very amusing. Along with his characterisation, which was because when he was a human he was scared, weak and kept peeing his pants. But when he turned into a vampire, he became more confident and stronger, enough to take down a vampire such as Klaus. 

What’s a great vampire movie without a great villain and Audrey was a great villain. Her plan was very well thought out because by using her job as a real estate developer she could house dozens of vampires in them, which she would then arm in order to wage her war on humanity and take Los Angeles for herself.   

Audery was also revealed to be the most powerful vampire in this movie, which I saw in the final battel as she was faster and stronger than any other vampire in this movie. This was good because it shows why she is the big bad of this movie.   

I also thought that Snoop Dogs character was great also. Because Big John was one of the greatest vampire hunters of the union, (and also, he had a mini gun, so you know his strong). Even after we all thought he was dead he came back but I can’t tell if he’s a vampire or not. 

Also, when Bud and Big John were in the Union HQ, I happened to saw a portage of President Abrham Lincon. This made me think could Day Shift be in the same universe of another vampire movie and the one I mean is Abrham Lincon vampire hunter. Hopefully if they do a second Day Shift movie, they might reveal that it is true, and Abrham Lincon created the Union in order to protect the world from vampire. 

Overall thought that this movie was great, and I’d happily watch it again. 



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