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5 Frustrating Achievements in World of Horror

5 Frustrating Achievements in World of Horror

5. Otherworldly Thirst

I felt like getting my biggest achievement gripe out of the way. Otherworldly thirst is both A. Time-consuming and B. So RNG based you could mistake it for being based on a scripture in the Bible.

So, in order to get otherworldly thirst, you first must be investigating the Alarming Account of Abnormal Arms on Timeline A, you then must complete the side-quest of that mystery (Which is investigating the hospital twice even though you never go to the hospital once during the normal mystery) in order to obtain a tiny key.

Then you have to keep investigating the school until you get to the trophy case encounter, in which using the key will give you the goblet. And after ALL that. You need to pray to RNG Jesus that you get the right Otherworldly event that will allow you to fill the goblet. And after all that, you are rewarded with a huge stat boost and Yashiro, my favourite character in the game.

Overall, Otherworldly thirst feels more like a chore at times due to the amount of RNG required. However, the reward is most definitely worth it, as the goblet is absolutely great, and Yashiro is a very fun character to play as (providing you play him right.)

4. True Despair

Unlike the previous achievement, this didn’t take me as long. But it’s still tough. True Despair requires you to complete the game on hard difficulty.

True Despair truly lives up to its name, as the game is stacked against you even more than normal, and enemies start with buffed stats. You also don’t lose that much doom when completing an investigation, which is why I personally like using Toshiaki with the Cultist backstory to lower a lot of doom.

There isn’t really much to say about this one. Just keep your head high, take your time, and don’t forget to rest every once in a while if you can afford to.

3. My Dear Ghost

This one isn’t really about the achievement itself, but rather the challenge. In order to obtain My Dear Ghost, you must complete the Ghastly Presence challenge. Which in of itself is a pain.

Ghastly Presence makes it so that you must use spells to deal damage. However, the spell you start with takes away some of your max reason. Meaning if you’re not careful, you could die by just encountering too many enemies. Which in of itself is entirely RNG based.

Fun fact, this is the only achievement on this list I have yet to complete, mainly because trying to complete it without getting a swollen jaw is driving me to insanity.

2. Primum Non-Nocere

While certainly not as annoying as the RNG achievements, this one can be rough depending on when you take it. Primum Non-Nocere requires you to kill the Dream Devourer without unplugging any life-support machines. Sounds easy, right? WRONG.

The Dream Devourer has a whooping 36 health and does 2 damage to both stamina and reason. Meaning, unless you’re playing on sceptic as Aiko or Moriko, this boss battle is going to be hell.

1. Good Old Times

Here we are, my least favourite achievement in the entire game. Good Old Times requires you to equip a Carpenter Hammer, with both Expel Evil and Regeneration learned. Not only is this RNG based, but the reward isn’t even worth it. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The best way to complete this achievement is to play as Kirie, as she starts with one random spell at the start of the game, then, either restart until you get the library notes, or abuse the heck out of the library itself until you get both Expel Evil and Regeneration.

And after all that, you need at least 2 funds to buy the hammer from the Hardware shop. And after all that, what do you get? A new injury that stops you from running from combat. Is it worth it? No. To be honest, if I wasn’t such a completionist, I wouldn’t have bothered getting it.


Despite these achievements not being absolutely awful, these are definitely some of the weakest points of the game for me. But hey, they do actually give you things for unlocking them, and if you really don’t want to unlock them, you don’t have to. All in all, the achievements are a bit frustrating, but they aren’t game-ruining.

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