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Shakespeare’s Famous Quotes Quiz!

Shakespeare’s Famous Quotes Quiz!

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It may come as no great surprise that William Shakespeare is generally recognised to be the world’s best-selling author of all time. While it’s difficult to be anything like precise, some estimates of the sale of his work reckon the figure tops 4 billion. It’s also said of him today, that he is the most oft-quoted author in the English speaking world. Can we say ‘Willie’ is just as popular today as any time over the last four centuries? Yes, I think we can!
So, what’s your knowledge of the works of Shakespeare? Here’s a multi-choice quiz that states a dozen of the Bard’s most memorable quotes in the question. Can you recognise which of his plays the quote is from? Self-professed Philistine? No worries! – Here’s your chance to gain a bit of cultural knowledge by putting minimal effort in. So, why not take our quiz on the world’s most famous Willie?

Take the Shakespeare’s Famous Quotes Quiz!


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