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Postal History Collecting – A Much Travelled Censored Cover

Postal History Collecting – A Much Travelled Censored Cover

WWII censored covers are a popular theme for postal history collectors. The cover below was much travelled and we have detailed as much as we can about its route below.



Cover Details

The cover which is franked with a 10p 5p and 80cts values from the 1944 Airmails set was posted on the 25th of January 1945 at Valparaíso. It was then flown to New York via Pan American-Grace Airways on the 28th. It seems to have bounced around here a bit as it has the following additional handling date stamps:

Miami 28th January 

New York 30th January

Miami 31st January

New York 1st February

That’s 8 days and despite being examined by the censor team it still hasn’t left America!

What happened next is anyone’s guess however it did finally arrive in Egypt at the base on 21st March 1945, by which time the intended recipient had moved on. It was then checked again before being dispatched to the Field post office where it was hopefully gratefully received on the 22nd March.

Let’s hope the enclosed information was not time-sensitive!

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