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Animal Stamps To Look For Canada’s $8 Grizzly Bear From 1997

Animal Stamps To Look For Canada’s $8 Grizzly Bear From 1997

Iconic Canada Stamps  – The $8 Grizzly Bear From 1997. This modern classic was issued on 15th October 1997. They originally came in sheetlets of 4 stamps as shown below but are hard (and expensive) to obtain as such.  Whatever they are a great addition to any Wildlife or Mammals based thematic collection and worth a place in any general hoard.

1997 $8 Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos horribilis or Ours Brun)

Canada Stamps Grizzly Bear Sheet

For those who like to know the technical details, they are Perforation: 12½ x 13 and printed on unwatermarked paper. The Stanley Gibbons Catalogue number is 1762b and they are 1647 on Stamp World.

First Day Covers are available, although like the blocks they are quite hard to find and priced accordingly.

Canada Grizzly Bear FDC


Adding One To Your Canada Stamps Collection

Canada Grizzly Bear Stamp Used

Used examples are cheap and easy to obtain so if you are on a budget this is the way to go.


Related Stamps

Canada also issued three other dollar value stamps in this series.  These feature the Common Loon, Polar Bear & Moose. If you buy one of these you will also want to consider adding them.


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