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Falkland Islands 1935 GV Silver Jubilee Set

Falkland Islands 1935 GV Silver Jubilee Set

1935 Falkland Islands Silver Jubilee. From the Classic George V Omnibus Set.

The Falkland Island was one of the countries that took part in the first-ever British Commonwealth Omnibus stamp issue.  This would be the first of many stretching into the 1960s. They remain a popular collecting subject with plenty for both the novice and the specialist.

This is but one set from the 250 stamps issued however it is one of the most popular and the design here is typical of the bulk of them.

1935 Falkland Islands Silver Jubilee Set Details

The stamps were issued on 7th May 1935 the day after the Silver Jubilee. All the values are pert 11×12 and they are printed on watermarked paper.  The design incorporates Windsor Castle & the denominations for this set are…

1d Red & Blue

Falklands Silver Jubilee 1d

2 1/2d Violet Blue & Reddish Brown

Falklands 2 1/2d Silver Jubilee

4d Bluish Grey & Green

Falklands 4d Silver Jubilee

1 Shilling Purple & Grey

GV Falklands shilling

First Day Covers

A number of First Day Covers were issued and they are pretty much the only source of used examples. There are different cancellations available but the Fox Bay one as below seems the most common.

Falklands 1935 FDC

Postally used items

Genuine postally used covers are quite hard to find however so-called philatelic usage was common as below…

This is undoubtedly Philatelic use given the full set would not be needed even for a Registered letter. This was probably sent as a souvenir or as a source of fine used for the recipient. Fortunately, these didn’t end up being soaked off.

This one is quite interesting as it was sent from South Georgia and appears to have taken nearly 5 months to reach its destination!

Sent 18th November 1937

Falklands-Silver-Jubilee Cover

The Port Stanley Arrival date was 4th April 1938!



Thinking of Buying a Set?

This is one of the pricier sets from the omnibus. The Falklands has always been a popular country to collect and this set also appeals to both Royalty Thematic & British Commonwealth collectors.  If you just want a set for display then mounted mint ones are your best bet. Easy enough to find and usually priced at around 40% of what you would pay for MNH sets. Used sets are even cheaper, probably reflecting the number that was sent as on the cover above.

However, if you can afford it buy a pristine MNH set.

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