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Would Lockdown Benefit the UK?

Would Lockdown Benefit the UK?
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Coronavirus has hit the UK and every other country around the world hard, making a lot of people scared of an extremely deadly virus and having some places in lockdown and others not.

There has been some benefit to lockdown and others that have not benefited from this, however, the virus is brand new, well its almost a year old, and we have no idea how to contain the virus and how to get rid of the virus without self-isolating and to contain it from everyone else… Lockdown is the only option.

Coronavirus is a deadly virus but… not as deadly as people may think. The virus has been said to deadly to anyone and every one however, the recovery rate is better than any other virus that has hit the world, but there has been evidence that someone has had the virus for longer than a month.

So far, over 30,000,000 people around the world have been infected with this virus. Over 31,000,000 for that fact, however, 7,000,000 of the cases are in the US, and compared to the UK, it is less likely for a lot of people… in certain areas of the UK, to get this virus. As in the US, not many areas are safe.

Looking at the cases again, worldwide cases is over 31,000,000 however the recoveries is 23,000,000 which is better than any virus currently, and under 1,000,000 has died to the virus. Currently, the percentage of cases is 96% recovered and discharged as 4% of cases have died to it.

Currently only 7,416,862 cases as of now worldwide.

Looking at the stats and everything with the virus. There is a massive reason why lockdown happens and why businesses are needing to shut and close due to it, this is because the virus is hard to contain and hard to understand which means we have no idea how to stop it, but with the virus rates being so low and always able to recover from it… it seems like they should only isolate those who could die from it and has health issues, as, for everyone else, they have a high chance of surviving the virus.

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