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The Queen Says Covid-19 Left Her Tired and Exhausted!

The Queen Says Covid-19 Left Her Tired and Exhausted!
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Recently, news broke out about the Queen contacting Covid-19, she managed to get the virus that is known for making a lot of people feel awful and caused a worldwide pandemic.

The Queen recently revealed that she was left “tired and exhausted” after contracting the virus, however, there were no other symptoms that could have had her left hospitalized, as it was believed that she had “mild cold-like symptoms”.

Image Credit: Alessia Pierdomenico

During a video call to the hospital, the Queen said this!

” “It [Covid] does leave one very tired and exhausted, doesn’t it?”

This was a relief to a lot of people when the Queen was known to only have cold-like symptoms, and no need to go to the hospital due to her only having cold symptoms instead of the serious Covid-19 symptoms that can leave someone hospitalized.

Now the Queen is known to be Covid-19 free and will continue her duty’s as normal as she no longer has the deadly virus in her system and will for the next few weeks have some tiredness as this is what Covid-19 can do to someone.

Banner and Image Credit: Lorna Roberts

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